Is gaming a place for superstitions?

Most betflix168 เข้าสู่ระบบ dictionaries define the term “superstition” as a widely held but not logical or reasonable belief in supernatural influence that specific actions or things can bring good or bad luck to someone, and also a corresponding practice specifically based on such a belief. Luck, chance and superstition always come together and it’s no wonder that in the game’s universe everything has developed into a kind of specific science. The players are famously superstitious and if you also follow rituals of conduct while spinning the reels, you don’t need to feel awkward. Of course, people argue about whether casino superstitions work or not, but no one can deny that these traditions and behavior patterns are legal. After all, they are part of someone’s style,

Things that bring bad luck
What could be more undesirable to a superstitious gambler than things or events widely believed to be the triggers of bad luck? Let’s take a look at some basic superstitions that are generally assumed to have a negative impact on the outcome of a game of chance.

bad numbers
There are certain numbers that are widely regarded as lucky or unlucky. For example, in Western culture, there is arguably the most notorious belief that the number 13 is severely unfavorable. As a result, numerous hotels in Las Vegas do not nominally have the 13th floor, as most guests would rather refuse to book a room on such an “unhappy” floor.

Speaking of the East, China has its own national unlucky numbers. The Chinese really believe that the number 4 is the source of all problems, because it sounds surprisingly similar to the word “death”. Therefore, it is quite common practice for office buildings or other establishments not to have a fourth floor.

cross your legs
A hardcore player will never think about crossing their legs, as this common movement is believed to immediately produce negative consequences. Crossed legs are a very strange superstitious belief, the origin of which is unclear. Some say it is due to the fact that a player must maintain focus and attention when playing, and being relaxed at the table does not contribute to one’s concentration.

Count your money openly
Counting money while other players can detect your actions is a bad idea that could lead to you losing all your funds. It harkens back to the old days, when players had a tradition of never counting their stacks of chips until the end of a poker game. Tradition has moved to today’s casino where no one counts chips during an entire blackjack session.

itchy hands
A player’s itchy hands can be an indicator that they are too stressed, which experienced competitors can use to predict or interpret their actions. So this has consequently developed into another superstition about misfortune that comes to you every time your hands itchy.


Enter through the front doors
Many avoid going through the front entrance of a casino because they are sure it is a bad sign. There are two different explanations for this:

Using the back doors is a way to prevent bad luck from passing from people leaving the casino to people entering it.
The connection to the famous front gate of the MGM Grand Casino, which was built in the shape of a giant lion, and players were supposed to come through its mouth, which resembled the act of eating.
Since playing online doesn’t require a player to use any ports, you don’t have to worry as this superstition is simply irrelevant for online casinos.

Those scary 50$ bills
Many Americans are afraid to use $50 bills in many places, including casinos. It’s especially hilarious just because these bills are the most common denomination of the dollar in the US.

The original reason to avoid 50 dollar bills may have roots in the history of American mafias. In Nevada, according to legend, gangsters often dumped victims’ bodies with 50$ bills tucked inside their jacket pockets. It’s how this green piece of paper became the symbol of the most unlucky outcome for any unsuccessful player who lived through those difficult times.

Borrowed money
Sometimes superstitions can be very practical in nature. So, if you’ve agreed to lend money to someone at a casino, your fortune is at risk. If someone suddenly asks for a few bucks, remind the person about casino traditions and say that it could completely jeopardize your own luck.

The things that bring good luck
Now it’s time for us to learn some countermeasures that help attract fortune. There are countless numbers of good omens promising success.

Whether it’s a lucky charm like a four-leaf clover or outlandish outfits like an Elvis jumpsuit, players wear it all. Below are the most notable and easy-to-implement ways to improve your chances of winning.

Lucky Numbers
The most magical are 3 and 7, they appear in popular culture, fiction or music many times because nothing, as is believed, attracts fortune better than these two. If you can find a bill with these digits on the line, keep it in your pocket during every visit to a casino. By the way, 777 is the wish number used to identify a jackpot on a regular slot machine.


cross your fingers
The gesture when you place your middle and index finger on top of each other. The sign is considered a magnet for good luck.

The explanation is simple – for many centuries, people have believed that a cross is capable of warding off evil that seeks to destroy any well-being. Strictly speaking, it’s an easy psychological trick helping someone to stay calm and confident, which in turn helps them make right and calculated decisions.

wear red
The perception of red as a lucky color originates in Asia, where a red wedding dress is very popular. According to folklore, an evil creature, Nian, attacks people, except for those who wear red, as it is their greatest fear. It’s also the reason why the Chinese wear so many red objects on New Year’s Day.

Many gamblers put on something red before going to a casino, and as it is not very common for men to wear red clothes or shoes, they simply wear red underwear. Some roulette pros even claim that betting on red works best.
final words
However, you should always remember that your good mood and sound mind are more important than any of the aforementioned superstitions. No black cat could spoil your splendid day when you only see it as a cute and dear animal, not as a bad omen. Fortune prefers self-confident individuals who are able to think twice about rolling the dice.

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