Slot machine secrets

All hydra 888 these symbols have been traditional for slot machines. Surely, every one of the readers has seen pictures of fruit or card suits and the slash symbol on the reels of their favorite online slot machines. However, it is unlikely that anyone has wondered why these symbols are so popular now.

Playing cards were popular long before the advent of slot machines. Therefore, after the invention of the first mechanical slot games, the choice of symbols on the reels was obvious.

Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, a ban on gambling of any kind was introduced in the United States. Real money games were banned and slot machines with cards on the reels were also banned. Then the letters were replaced by images of fruits that are well known today.

Around the same time, in the 1900s, the slash symbol appeared on slot machines. According to one version, this photo represented the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum company, one of the largest chewing gum manufacturers at the time.

Are there professional slot players?
Casino games have always been considered nothing more than entertainment. But some experienced players managed to turn the game into a real source of income. These include members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, famous roulette players and professional poker players.

And the slot machines? Are there any pros among the common players? The definitive and right answer is YES!

The most famous player among them is Ernest Cobb, a man who managed to win 10 million dollars using his own system. You can learn about all the quirks of such a strategy from his book “Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots Getting the Winning Edge”.

Another person worth mentioning is John Grochowski. He is an expert in game theory and was a longtime columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Grochowski has written a series of books on various tricks to make money at gambling houses.

Nowadays, professional slot players can be called online casino streamers . However, be well aware that your earnings mainly consist of:

Earnings from streaming your games at online casinos
Affiliate program interest
Prizes for participating in major tournaments
Advertising and other media activities
In addition, there is one more interesting category of players – progressive jackpot hunters. They are trying to win big jackpots in games like Divine Fortune, Mega Moolah and some other popular gaming masterpieces. But for such a game, you need to have an incredibly large deposit and be ready to lose for a long time while you wait to hit the jackpot.

Casinos can intervene in the gaming process! They can?
If we talk about licensed casinos, such a statement is complete nonsense.

In the information section of any slot there is an indicator of RTP, volatility, dispersion and rules for the formation of jackpots. The fair performance of all these indicators by providers and casinos is monitored by independent auditors such as ECOGRA. If you play online at a well-known casino that has a license, you don’t have to worry about your meddling with the game as it is simply impossible.


The casino is the only winner
Unfortunately for casual gamers, this is true. All casino games have a mathematical model that makes their play over a long period of time profitable for the casino. And the main factor in these games is the RTP (return to player ratio).

Imagine a situation where 100 players play the same place in a casino. Each of them does 1 spin for at least 1$, so now the total load of the machine is 100$. The maximum theoretical win for a player will be around $90 USD (most games today have a payout rate of around 90%), and that’s only if they’re really lucky, while most players probably don’t. receives nothing – or not much – from your rounds.

Progressive slot machines give you a slightly higher chance of profiting from the game. Part of the money from each spin goes to the slot jackpot.

But keep in mind that such slots have high volatility and you need to do a lot more spins to get a big win. Maximum betting is one of the best ways to hit the jackpot as quickly as possible.


All results are known in advance
Many players believe that the outcome of a round depends on when they hit the spin button. Or maybe your choice in a bonus game affects something. In fact, all these results and numbers are purely random.

Slot machines just run a special program to constantly distribute the money of all players among them. And the whole process is controlled by a random number generator. It is simply impossible to determine when you will receive free spins or a big win.

That’s why various tricks to win at slot machines like changing the bet size or playing only at night make no sense.

A slot machine has different odds of winning at different casinos
This is completely false. All mathematical calculations are performed on the developer’s server and are the same for all casinos.

The size and volatility of the RTP does not depend on the casino, and the only exception to this rule is local jackpots. Winning the jackpot is always easier at casinos where there are fewer players. However, the jackpot size at such houses will be much smaller than at more popular casinos.

In short
Classic slot machines were originally invented as a form of entertainment. When you play slot machines, you always need to be prepared for temporary losses. You cannot win at slot machines all the time due to their randomness, however you can increase your chances of winning by sticking to a certain strategy.

Whatever images appear on your screen (fruits, cards or others), they are all completely random. Even if you hit a progressive jackpot today, there is no guarantee that it will happen tomorrow.

Choose to play a slot game only at licensed casinos so you don’t fall victim to another scam. And remember that the casino you have chosen will receive a profit in any case and there is no need for them to cheat.

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